The Top 5 Google Apps products that you or your business should be using

images (4)Google apps provide a variety of essential services on a daily basis for both consumers or businesses alike. Whether it be managing emails, staying in touch with family and friends through real time video chat, using Google Calendars for your business scheduling needs, uploading your photos for safe storage, or calibrating together through shared documents, there are quite a few Google Apps that would be of great benefit to you, and we’re happy to inform you that we have a google apps promotion code here that offers 20% off the first year of service!

Before deciding which app(s) are best for you or your business, we first need to know which apps are most commonly used and what unique features set them apart from the competition.

download (10)We have taken care of the research for you and have come up with a list of our top 5 Google Apps and what you can expect to accomplish with them. All that’s left for you to do now is to decide if these apps are something you could use to streamline and make improvements in your business or personal life.

We hope that you will find something on this list that you either didn’t know or will find useful. The most amazing thing about the Google Apps Suite is that there are many more apps than the 5 we have listed here.

There is most certainly something that would be of great use to you or your business and their will likely be future apps Google developed that will continue to lead the cutting edge of technology and change the world we live in and the way we do business and communicate with each other.

images (5)All of these apps can be used in everyday life as well as in your business ensuring that all of them will be useful and interesting to read about even if you are not planning to upgrade your business just yet. Some of these apps you might already be using today!

But enough of talking about the apps not showing you clearly what they do! It’s time we show you exactly why we are so enthusiastic about it and why we want to share this with you.

Now without any further delays, lets jump right in and get started with our 5th favorite app.